Candy Frost

Candy Frost

These large chunky duo snowman bath bomb set has generous amounts of hand piped whipped bubble crumble nestled between two separate bath bombs. Fragranced with one of our amazing designer similar scents, this snowman really dose pack a punch! Each bath bomb is bursting with surprise vibrant colours and loaded with lashings of skin loving clays, butters and blended oils with a rich sumptuous fragrance.

How to use:

Choose either the head or body! place into a warm bath, break off half of the bubble crumble mixture and either sprinkle over your bath or under warm running water to activate.

All of our perfume fragrances are inspired by popular designer brands.

Our handmade bath bombs create a fizzy, bubbly foam and explode with an array of ultra vibrant colours, most of which are hidden within, so you won't see the surprise colour show until used! But don't worry, they won't stain the skin (or bath!), are gentle on the skin, and even have skin loving oils and butters for extra luxury.

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